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Number None's fourth annual retort. an exploration of American majesty and dread, taking the listener on a post-millenial roadtrip from sorrowful anthemics to unforgiving noise. Contains field material recorded in California, Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

"Aching, sombre, majestic" -The Wire

Aquarius Records ALBUM OF THE WEEK review: "[T]hey flit from sound to sound, exploring drones, musique concrete, dark ambience, field recordings, often two or more of those at once, but the thing is, whatever sound they've chosen, they OWN it, when you're listening to it, you get totally lost, and forget that moments ago you were listening to them do something else, as far as you, your ears, and your brain know, that glorious sound your hearing right now, extends in both directions, back forever until the birth of the universe, forward to the end of time.

"The opening track is the perfect example, a serious and dense drone, layered and complex, notes and tones shifting and overlapping and interweaving, but at the core a super powerful, near static Niblockian drone, so immediately entrancing, 30 seconds in and we were transfixed, and began writing this review assuming that the rest of the record must be just more of the same, and while it's not, and it's a bit frustrating that it's not, as we detailed above, once you're into the next track, the cycle starts all over again.

"So in a nutshell, the rest of the record drifts from murky staticky blur, to dense chaotic field recording flecked soundscapes, to soft muted stretches of reverb drenched clatter, warm whispery low end shimmer, sprawling high end metallic buzz smeared into glimmering streaks, super abstract far out free noise freakouts, fuzzy radio interference wrapped around reverberating metal, looped FX drenched video game weirdness and warbly underwater dreaminess. It sounds like utter chaos, and it is sort of, but these guys are so deft with their noise making, that once you push play and sink slowly into the first track, you're done for."


released August 1, 2005



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Number None Chicago, Illinois

terrifyingly beautiful noiseworks // spaciously drifting droneworks

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